Wray Community District Hospital and Hillcrest Care Center

Location: Wray, CO


Wray Hospital and Hillcrest Care Center are two separate facilities with the same owner. These two buildings have a combined total of 103,637 conditioned square feet.  Wray Hospital is a primary care provider in a community with a population of 2,363 residents. Hillcrest Care Center, is a long term assisted living facility that is currently home for 78 individuals and a staff of 120. The hospital purchased Hillcrest in 2014.  Hillcrest Care Center was on the verge of being closed in this rural community due to the increasing operational costs and all of the avoided maintenance before Wray Hospital stepped up to help.  The other local assisted living facility had recently been closed in 2008 so Hillcrest was the only remaining local facility.  The maintenance at Hillcrest Care Center had taken a backseat to providing care. The lack of maintenance and system efficiencies became Apollo’s focus to help keep it operational.  The existing heating system with six boilers was not expected to last thru the upcoming winter season as only two boilers were barely still functioning.

Apollo’s engineers evaluated the current equipment at Wray Hospital and Hillcrest Care Center and suggested facility improvement measures that would save the hospital money on energy and operations, allowing both facilities to run much more efficiently.   

Among the facility improvement measures selected at Hillcrest Care Center included new high efficiency boilers, new redundant domestic hot water heaters, new energy efficient windows, new steel shingle roofing, and interior / exterior LED lighting at both the Hillcrest and Wray Hospital

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Project Value = $2,348,367
  • 14% in annual energy savings for a cost savings of $51,512 per year
  • 328,657 kWh and 3,935 Therms in annual energy savings
  • Awarded a DOLA Grant for $1,248,430
  • Two new High efficiency boilers and variable volume pumping
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting retrofit at Wray Hospital and Hillcrest Care Center
  • New premium efficiency vinyl Windows
  • New Steel Shingle and spray on roofing
  • New motor and VFD controls for their air handler unit
  • Three new gas-fired condensing domestic hot water heaters

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