Town of St. John, WA

Location: Town of St. John,WA

The Town of St. John is a farming community located in the rolling hills of the Palouse region of Eastern Washington. St. John boasts a relaxed lifestyle, clean air, tidy streets and is a very friendly and progressive community.

When Apollo Solutions Group first approached St. John about the Department of Commerce’s Solar Grant Program, it became very clear that while small in size, they are very big on ideas.
After performing a Preliminary Energy Analysis it was determined that the City would be eligible for a Department of Commerce Solar Grant. This made the project all the more attractive to the town as they made it known early on in the process that the project would be contingent on additional funding sources just like the Department of Commerce Solar Grant, and utility rebate incentives.

Apollo was successful in applying for, and securing a solar grant on behalf of the Town of St. John and they have entered into a net metering agreement with Avista Utilities. The 100 kW Fixed Solar Array will produce approximately 129,036 kWh and drastically reduce electrical charges from Avista by over $13,000 / year. 

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Project Value $620,120
  • Department of Commerce Solar Grant $413,414
  • Application for Utility Rebate Incentives (Avista Utilities) $15,000
  • Energy Cost Produced Per Year $13,689
  • Fixed 100 kW Photo-Voltaic Solar Arrays

""The Town of St. John is very excited to have received a solar grant for $413,414.00. Our plans are to set up a solar array to help our electrical charges for our water system. Apollo Solutions presented a plan to our City Council on how using solar power could help reduce and save on energy costs. They were extremely knowledgeable and helpful in filling out the application. This will be something new for our Town to experience and Apollo Solutions have made it very simple. We look forward to working with them and to see the project completed.""

- The Town of St. John, WA,

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