Toppenish School District Phase III Solar Project

Location: Toppenish, WA

The Toppenish School District prides themselves in having an eye for the future.  The Vision statement relating to their Science – Technology – Engineering – Math (STEM) program states that they will “Produce superior graduates who are college and career ready, prepared to excel at the college level, who make wise choices, think critically, communicate effectively, and solve problems.  We do this by creating safe, innovative and stimulating learning environments and by developing interactive partnerships among parents, students, colleagues and the community.”  When Apollo Solutions Group  approached the district about installing a 100 kW Photo-Voltaic Solar Array the possibilities became endless.  Once the school board heard about this project and with the eager approval from their Career and Technical Education Director, it became clear that this is something they could use for reducing utility costs as well as incorporating this project into their STEM curriculum.

After performing a Preliminary Energy Analysis it became very apparent that the Toppenish School District would be eligible for a Department of Commerce Solar Grant as well as utility rebate incentives. What made the project even more attractive to the district is that Apollo offered to have their engineers come and speak to the students about the system and how if functions. 

Apollo was successful in applying for, and securing a solar grant on behalf of the Toppenish School District. The solar array is located south of the tennis courts at the High School and provides a utility cost savings of $15,000 annually.  

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Project Value = $749,041
  • Secured a Department of Commerce Solar Grant = $374,520
  • Applied for Utility Rebate Incentives worth = $15,000 (Avista Utilities)
  • Fixed 100 kW Photo-Voltaic Solar Array.
  • Energy Cost Produced per year = $15,055.
  • Guaranteed Annual Electrical Production of 139,076 kWh/Year.

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Apollo Solutions Group for your Solar Project. Toppenish School District has worked with Apollo Solutions Group for several years as our Energy Service Company (ESCO) on our energy conservation projects. Apollo was selected as the best ESCO for Toppenish School District from many applicants. Apollo has meet and exceeded our expectation for performance, competence and professionalism. We are on our second energy project with Apollo and again they have meet and exceeded our expectation. They are complete and thorough in the presentation, explanation and performance. They are easy to work with and strive to meet our needs as a school district. Together we have installed many energy saving products that will pay for the costs of purchase and installation over a reasonable period of time. Apollo has volunteered to help and train students in our new Solar Energy classes that will use the new solar plant they are installing at our high school.
Apollo’s staff are highly intelligent, very personable and well like by all. They also exhibit good organizational skills, they are creative and readily adapt to changes in our environment. Apollo has the ability to carry on a variety of projects, while working with a broad array of personalities and situations, and successfully complete those projects.
I would not hesitate to hire Apollo for your projects. I believe they would be an outstanding asset to any organization.
Should you desire additional information on Apollo’s qualifications please do not hesitate to call me at (509) 865-8145."

- David G. Andrews, CPA, Business Manager

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