Toppenish School District Phase II

Location: Toppenish, WA

The Toppenish School District’s Mission Statement is, “We do what’s best for kids.”  Apollo Solutions Group is poised to ensure that doing what is best for kids remains a focal point - by providing energy upgrades throughout the district and utilizing the Department of Enterprise Service’s Energy Program.  The infrastructure improvements will put over $40,000 back to the district’s bottom line.   

Apollo was able to retrofit the controls systems at Garfield and Kirkwood Elementary Schools which will allow them to have more functionality for facilities personnel, as well as optimize equipment runtime to increase energy savings. Toppenish High School will have a Boiler and Pump Replacement which took them from an 80% thermally efficient system to a 96% ultra-high efficiency condensing unit. The interior and exterior lighting systems at Toppenish Preschool, CATS Academy, and the district Maintenance Shop was retrofitted with LED fixtures and bulbs.  The Toppenish Middle School football/soccer field lighting system was comprised of (8) poles with each pole having (12) 1,000 watt Incandescent bulbs. Apollo replaced this lighting system with new steel poles with LED fixtures and underground wiring.  AJ Strom Gymnasium had the existing lighting system retrofitted with LED fixtures.

This Energy Services Performance Contract Project allowed Apollo Solutions Group to address a number of systems, as well as apply for and secure a Department of Commerce Energy Grant and Utility Rebate Incentives. 

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Project Value $1,161,000
  • Department of Commerce Energy Grant $290,341
  • Applied for Utility Rebate Incentives (Pacific Power/Cascade Natural Gas) $75,030
  • Energy Cost Savings Per Year $43,646
  • Operational Cost Savings Per Year $40,492
  • Guaranteed Annual Electrical Savings Per Year 385,655 kWh
  • Guaranteed Annual Natural Gas Savings Per Year 2,940 Therms

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