St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute

Location: Spokane, WA


St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute is in Spokane Washington.  The facility is comprised of three buildings containing a total of 134,535 square feet.  Patients from around the inland northwest corridor come to St. Luke’s to get quality therapy when recovering from accidents including brain injuries and other debilitating incidents such as strokes. The complex was built in the 1960’s and functioned as a hospital up until the 1990’s when it became a rehabilitation facility. Like many buildings of that era, it still utilized equipment that had become obsolete and had exceeded its useful life. Vintage steam boilers were the source of heat and required an inordinate amount of energy to run.  Air handlers needed to be replaced to improve the facility performance, comfort and ventilation. The existing chiller had no redundancy. Apollo’s engineers came in and evaluated the current equipment at St. Luke’s and suggested facility improvement measures that would save the hospital money on energy and operations, allowing the facility to run much more efficiently.   

Among the facility improvement measures selected were new high efficiency boilers, a new redundant chiller, DDC automation and controls, updated interior and exterior lighting, solar PV, occupancy sensors, and patient comfort zone controls.  


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Relevant Project Details:
  • Energy Savings Performance Contract
  • 39% energy savings annually
  • AVISTA incentives
  • High efficiency boilers
  • Interior and exterior lighting retrofit
  • Patient Comfort Controls
  • Solar PV
  • Premium Efficiency, variable speed 300-ton redundant centrifugal chiller

"Apollo Solutions Group is providing St. Luke’s with a turn-key energy performance project that is guaranteed and self-funded. Through our facility upgrade we are reducing energy costs, lowering our cost of operations and maintenance and improving reliability and safety."

- Randall Sharshan, Director of Facilities

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