Monroe Correctional Complex—Twin Rivers Unit

Location: Monroe, WA

Monroe Correctional Complex is located in Monroe Washington and is composed of five correctional units with separate perimeters.  Apollo focused on the Twin Rivers Unit and corresponding facility improvement measures.  Twin Rivers Unit (TRU) was designed and build in the early 1980's and began operating in 1984.  Much of the equipment at TRU had exceeded its useful life

Facility improvement measures at TRU included lighting retrofits, new water systems, ice machines, housing unit ventilation controls, demand controlled ventilation, kitchen exhaust controls, energy management system upgrades, and an extended commissioning program.

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Relevant Project Details:
  • 17.5% reduction in annual energy and water costs
  • Utilization of $131,864 in utility incentives from Snohomish PUD and Puget Sound Energy
  • Replacement and upgrade of multiple building systems
  • Improved comfort and improved reliability of systems
  • Remote monitoring and control of building systems
  • Positive cash flow throughout life of project

"Apollo Solutions Group did a terrific job at the Monroe Correctional Complex, and I am impatiently waiting for the funding to continue the work we started with the Energy Services Contract. Solutions Group is not just a name. The flexible, creative, and expert designers, installers, and maintainers improved our facility far beyond what we expected.
They worked with our Computer Maintenance Management System providers to get it working better than it ever has; figured out and fixed what was causing a whole host of pesky HVAC and plumbing problems; and provided some planning-level project scopes and cost estimates that I used in the budget process. The lowered energy costs are nice, but the work they lifted off our shoulders by making our systems more reliable is worth more."

- Anna Crickmer, PE, Project Manager, Monroe Correctional Facility, Department of Corrections

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