Mid Valley Hospital - Phase I

Location: Omak, WA

Mid Valley Hospital (MVH) is a 44,036 sq. ft Critical Access Acute Care Community Hospital in Omak, WA. The hospital chose Apollo Solution Group to be their Energy Services Company through Washington State’s Department of Enterprise Services Energy Program. In early 2016, Apollo’s development engineers did a thorough evaluation of the hospital’s HVAC and lighting systems, as well as the existing Essential Electrical System. The hospital had been cited for contaminated electrical panels serving the lighting circuits in the hallways, as well as not having the code required air changes per hour in their surgery suites. On top of these code related citations, Apollo found that many of the existing HVAC Systems were energy inefficient, and well past their rated useful service life.

Apollo created a phased plan to address the antiquated HVAC and Lighting Systems as well as the Essential Electrical System. Our phased plan, would maintain the hospital’s operations while replacing the energy inefficient and antiquated HVAC and lighting systems. The hospital will receive new ventilation system in their Surgery Department, Acute Care Patient Wing, and the Central Services area of the hospital. The Kitchen will receive a new Make Up Air Unit and Kitchen Hood Exhaust Fan, new Walk-In Cooler and Freezer with Defrost Controls, a Central Chilled Water Plant with variable volume pumping, Central Heating Plant with variable volume pumping, and reconfiguration of the LDRP AHU, Lab AHU, and the ER AHU. The new and reconfigured HVAC systems will receive new electronic controls. The lighting systems throughout the hospital, both interior and exterior, will consist of LED lighting systems. The normal power and essential electrical systems will be brought up to code by the end of the project. 

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Energy Services Performance Contract through Department of Enterprise Services
  • Project Value = $3,052,553
  • Total Annual Guaranteed Electrical Energy Savings = 357,270 kWhs
  • Total Annual Guaranteed Water Savings = 571K Gallons
  • Total Energy Costs Savings = $20,770
  • Total Operational Savings = $11,787
  • Total Utility Rebate Incentives = $79,393

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