Lakeland Village

Location: Medical Lake, WA

Lakeland Village is located in Medical Lake, WA. It is a state operated facility that provides housing training, education and healthcare for individuals with developmental disabilities. The facility provides a safe and progressive place for these individuals to live and engage in activities that prove to be stimulating and allow them to live as normally as possible with private home like facilities that include working kitchens. The facility is now certified for 60 Nursing Facility beds and 190 Intermediate Care Facility beds for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID) beds.
Along with Washington Department of Enterprise Services, Apollo developed a holistic approach to conserving energy, while replacing outdated and antiquated HVAC and Electrical infrastructure. Below are the details of the work that was implemented in Phase I and Phase II. To date, Apollo has exceeded the energy guarantee for both phases of work.

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Project Value = $2,125,000
  • 14.1% Reduction in annual utility costs
  • $53,196 in Avista Utilities incentives
  • Kitchen equipment – electric to gas cooking equipment retrofit
  • Interior and exterior lighting upgrades
  • Conversion of (5) constant volume ventilation systems in the HAB and PAT Buildings
  • Replacement of all constant volume boxes with pneumatic controls with new VAVboxes with digital controls in the HAB and PAT Buildings.
  • Conversion of pneumatic controls to digital controls
  • Project Value = $2,260,000
  • 5.5% Reduction of annual energy and water costs
  • $11,455 in utility incentives from Avista
  • Central Chilled Water Plant upgrade and retrofit
  • Electric to gas cooking equipment retrofit Kitchen hood exhaust controls
  • Dealkalyzer chemical for the Central Steam Plant
  • New condensing DHW Heating System in the Kitchen Building

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