Lake Washington School District

Location: Greater Seattle, WA

Lake Washington School District in the greater Seattle area was facing mechanical obsolescence in many of its schools infrastructure. After securing the energy services contract with Lake Washington School district, Apollo evaluated the schools heating and lighting objectives, as well as the current equipment. Through the wall heat ventilators were being used to heat the classrooms. The units were not operating as efficiently or as effectively as Apollo knew was possible. Lighting was dim and Insufficient.

Apollo installed variable refrigerant units for four of the schools in the district, with corresponding indoor terminal units in 30 classrooms.  Lighting retrofits were also performed.

Among the operating inefficiencies Apollo identified was the aquatic center at Juanita High School. The pool had an inefficient boiler and poor lighting. Apollo replaced the two existing 1970's boilers with two HydroTherm natural gas boilers. In addition, a new dehumidifier was installed to control the air quality in the pool area. Pool lighting was upgraded resulting in brighter conditions and more effective use of the aquatic center.  Solar Panels were added to Redmond and Juanita High Schools to increase energy efficiency and decrease cost.  All improvements completed by Apollo Solutions Group resulted in a better more comfortable learning environment for teachers, students and staff.

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Relevant Project Details:
  • $2M Office Of Superintendent for Public Instruction (OSPI) Grant
  • $500k Washington Department of Commerce Grant
  • Puget Sound Energy Utility Incentives
  • Capital Levy Funds
  • New Variable Flow Refrigerant (VRF) Units
  • Solar PV
  • New Occupancy Sensors
  • Lighting Upgrades

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