Kittitas Valley Healthcare Phase I


Kittitas Valley Healthcare (KVH) is an 80,000 square foot Critical Access Acute Care Community Hospital in Ellensburg, WA. Apollo Solution Group first approached KVH about the benefits of doing an Energy Services Performance Contract in early 2014. The hospital liked the approach for some of their more problematic critical systems such as their central chilled water plant and their energy management control system. Over the years, the cooling system had become undersized as the hospital underwent remodels and additions, and the digital control system was no longer supported in the Pacific Northwest, and parts were becoming more difficult to come by as well as more expensive.  

The existing chilled water plant was comprised of (2) 80 Ton air cooled Trane chillers and (1) 150 Ton air cooled Trane Chiller. Apollo replaced this system with (2) 250 Ton Water Cooled Variable Speed Chillers and (2) Open Circuit, Induced Draft Cooling Towers with VFDs, and a primary/secondary variable speed chilled water pumping system. As a part of this project, an addition was built to house the new central chilled water plant. This new building was built with enough space to accommodate a future third chiller and cooling tower, and their associated pumps.

The existing digital control system was replaced with a Bacnet compatible control system. Where needed, the old control valves and damper actuators were replaced with Belimo Control Valves and Damper Actuators. Energy efficient control strategies were implemented as a part of this project.

The last project implemented in this phase of work was the reconfiguration of the LDRP AHU Ventilation System, which was converted from a 100% outdoor air handling unit to a return air system. To date, the hospital has already exceeded energy savings projections.  

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Energy Services Performance Contract through Department of Enterprise Services
  • Project Value = $3,464,559
  • Total Annual Guaranteed Electrical Energy Savings = 269,233 kWhs
  • Total Annual Guaranteed Natural Gas Savings = 16,387 Therms
  • Total Energy Costs Savings = $31,095
  • Total Operational Savings = $12,360

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