Island Hospital Phase II

Location: Anacortes, WA

Island Hospital is located in Anacortes, WA. The hospital first contacted Apollo in regard to their leaking roofs and central chilled water plant. Their roof had several leaks and their chilled water plant needed their oldest chiller replaced. The preliminary energy analysis yielded that the hospital had many other energy saving opportunities on top of the projects they identified. The hospital and Apollo developed a phased plan to address the hospital’s many different needs. The 1962 Building’s roof, HVAC System, and lighting system were planned to be addressed during the second phase of this multi-phased approach.

The second phase of work was comprised of replacing the 1962 Building’s leaking 32,000 SF roof with a code R-38 insulated TPO Membrane roof, replacing (7) of the original hospital’s air handling units with new DOAS AHU, serving 4-pipe Active Chilled Beams with Siemens DDC, and installing a new LED lighting system throughout in the 1962 building. These upgrades will improve staff and patient comfort, reliability, and replace systems that were well past their rated useful service life, and significantly reduce the energy consumption. All of the work in the 1962 Building was done while the building was occupied. Apollo worked with the client on a phased construction approach.

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Relevant Project Details:
  • $5,255,643 Project Value
  • 8.1% Reduction of hospital’s annual energy costs
  • Utilization of $92,236 in Puget Sound Energy Incentives
  • Annual Reduction of 434,921 kWhs in electrical consumption and 6,031 Therms in gas consumption.
  • Guaranteed energy cost savings of $49,173 a year, and $27,810 in operational savings a year.
  • New Roof for the 1962 Building with R-38 Insulation and TPO Membrane.
  • Replace original AHUs with new DOAS AHU, serving 4-pipe active chilled beams and new Siemens DDC.
  • New Sprinkler system throughout the 1962 Building.
  • LED Light Fixtures throughout in 1962 Building.

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