Inland Northwest Health Services - Wells Fargo Center

Location: Spokane, Washington

The Wells Fargo Center in Spokane Washington is a 17-story office building, and has been an iconic structure for the Inland Northwest since it was built in 1982.  Just like many other commercial buildings in the area, the Wells Fargo Center was in need of serious infrastructure upgrades to not only improve the comfort of their tenants, but to reduce their annual energy costs.


Through the Energy Savings Performance Contracting approach, the Wells Fargo Center was able to work with Apollo Solutions to address interior and exterior lighting as well as upgrades to their chilled water plant, condensed water treatment, hot water plant, and controls.  Additionally, Apollo was able to address their Variable Air Volume (VAV) terminal units, install a fan wall array for their HVAC, electrical distribution upgrades and a complete roof replacement.


The facility improvement measures resulted in a 16.9% reduction in annual energy costs, and also improved the life of the building.  In partnering with Avista Utilities, Apollo was able to secure $194,750 in incentives for the client.

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Retrofit of interior and exterior lighting systems
  • Chilled water plant upgrades
  • Condenser water treatment optimization
  • Heating hot water plant upgrades
  • Automation and control upgrades
  • VAV terminal unit replacements
  • Installation of a fan array system on HVAC unit AC-1
  • Electrical distribution upgrades
  • Roof replacement with new rooftop personnel resting area

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