Facebook Data Center

Location: Prineville, OR

Facebook built its progressive data center for the Oregon high desert. This state of the art facility takes advantage of the low temperatures and humidity in this region; cooling its computing hardware with the existing outside air. This is good news for those interested in following Facebook’s lead in cooling their data centers in this manner, sometimes called “free cooled.” Free cooling reduces the power and money required to operate one of these demanding cooling facilities, and in an effort to encourage the practice, Facebook has “open sourced” its Prineville design.

In Prineville, the temperatures remain often low for much of the year, even in the summer evenings. However, even when it gets hot during the summer high noon, Facebook can still cool its hardware with the outside air, thanks to an evaporative cooling system that lowers the temperature by spraying the air with a fine mist of water.

Apollo performed the full Mechancial Construction on this project; working closely with DPR Fortis the General Contractor. This facility is cooled entirely through adiabatic cooling methods utilizing evaporative misting systems coupled with fan walls. Continuous louvers form the basis of construction for the 960’ long east and west walls, allowing outside air into and out of the building. There is no mechanical means of heat in the building. Additionally, there is a rain water and gray water system to reclaim waste water from the 270,000 square foot site.

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Relevant Project Details:
  • $21M project value
  • Cooled entirely through adiabatic cooling methods utilizing evaporative misting systems
  • Rain water and gray water system reclaim waste water from the site
  • 270,000 Total Square Footage
  • Full Mechanical Construction

"Apollo was as professional as it gets when it comes to high tech construction. The team had the synergy we needed to execute this high profile work on time and within budget.

Apollo continually works to build relationships that help streamline the process of finding solutions and getting the work done right the first time."

- Ken Patchett, General Manager, Facebook Data Center

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