East Adams Rural Hospital

Location: Ritzville, WA

East Adams Rural Healthcare is a small rural critical access community hospital located in Ritzville, WA. Over the past 20 years, the hospital’s board of directors had tried to pass a bond to build a new hospital on the south side of I-90, and repeatedly failed. Apollo Solutions Group (ASG) worked with the administrator and board of directors to develop an Energy Savings Performance Contract project (ESPC) that completely replaced the existing antiquated HVAC systems with a new energy efficient HVAC and lighting systems that are code compliant. The hospital’s essential electrical system had been cited for not having the three branch circuits in place as well as not having an adequate emergency power system. ASG installed a new code-compliant essential electrical system as a part of the ESPC project. ASG and the hospital’s architect went to various community meetings on behalf of the hospital to help the hospital pass a bond that enabled the entire hospital to undergo much needed modernization and upgrades.

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Relevant Project Details:
  • $4.5M
  • 30% reduction of the hospital's annual energy consumption
  • $25,000 in annual O & M savings
  • $21,995 in utility incentives from Avista utilities
  • New ventilation systems and DDC system
  • New boilers and hydronic system
  • New air cooled chiller and distribution system
  • New code compliant essential electrical system
  • New interior/exterior lighting system

"Apollo has done a fantastic job on the energy project here at East Adams Rural Hospital.
I would not hesitate to recommend them to another hospital. In fact, I already have."

- Gary Bostrom, CEO

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