Columbia Basin Hospital Phase II

Location: Ephrata, WA

Columbia Basin Hospital is a rural critical access hospital located in Ephrata, WA. The hospital’s ventilation and cooling systems were comprised of many antiquated and energy inefficient ventilation and cooling systems. Over the years as each addition was built, they had their own separate cooling systems installed, thus offering no redundancy. The hospital also had (2) separate controls systems in the hospital, which made ordinary control and monitoring of the HVAC systems difficult and confusing at best. The hospital had some significant envelope needs as well. The roof on the 57 building and the 68 wing were long overdue to get replaced as well as some of the EIFS wall systems. The hospital saw the ESPC process as a way of installing upgrades that were originally slated to occur during the last major addition but due to budget constraints, the hospital had to value engineer these projects out. The ESPC process allowed the hospital to install these projects while making their hospital more energy efficient and code compliant.

Apollo is installing a new central chilled water plant, retrofitting another built-up AHU with fan wall technology for critical environments in the hospital, standardizing on the controls systems across the hospital, re-roofing the 57 and 68 Buildings, and installing a new EIFS wall system. 

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Project Price - $3,836,432
  • Utility Rebate Incentives - $81,955
  • Annual Utility and Operational Savings - $48,382
  • Energy Efficient Central Chilled Water Plant
  • New Energy Efficient Ventilation Systems
  • Standardized Controls Across the Hospital
  • Re-Roof Older Portions of the Hospital
  • New EIFS Wall System

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