City of Toppenish

Location: Toppenish, WA

The City of Toppenish chose Apollo Solutions Group to be their ESCO and to use the Department of Enterprise Service’s Energy Program. The city had many needs but a limited budget to address those needs


Apollo was able to address many of the City’s needs that saved energy and replaced aging infra-structure at the same time. The HVAC systems at City Hall, the Police Department, Fire Department, the Library, and the City Shops were past their rated useful service life and were energy inefficient compared to equipment and systems manufactured today. The interior lighting system at the Waste Water Treatment Plant was comprised of old energy inefficient fluorescent lighting systems, and most of the city buildings and facilities used outdated and energy inefficient HID Lighting. The decorative street lighting in the downtown area also used energy inefficient HID Lighting.


This Energy Services Performance Contract Project allowed Apollo Solutions Group to address the above named systems, as well as apply for and secure a Department of Commerce Energy Grant and Utility Rebate Incentives. This project will have the HVAC and Lighting Systems getting replaced and upgraded by new energy efficient HVAC equipment and the lighting systems getting retrofitted with energy efficient LED lighting. The decorative street lighting will also be replaced with LED lights. 

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Project Value = $480,151
  • Secured a Department of Commerce Energy Grant = $120,038
  • Applied for Utility Rebate Incentives worth = $26,901 (Pacific Power / Cascade Natural Gas)
  • HVAC Equipment Replacements at City Hall, Police and Fire Department, and the City Shops
  • Interior Lighting Retrofit at the WWTP
  • Exterior Lighting LED Retrofit at the WWTP, City Hall, Police and Fire Department, the City Shops, and the Library
  • $17,046 in energy Cost Savings per year, and $5,820 in operational cost savings per year.
  • Guaranteed Annual Electrical Savings of 157,269 kWh / Year.
  • Guaranteed Annual Natural Gas Savings of 3,317 Therms a year.

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