City of Prosser

Location: Prosser, WA

The City of Prosser decided that they wanted to find out more and explore the state of Washington’s Energy Program that would be administered through the Department of Enterprise Services. They selected Apollo Solutions Group and one of the other state certified ESCOs. After an RFQ response and interview process, the City of Prosser chose Apollo Solutions Group to be their ESCO.

The city made it known early on in the process that the project would have to be completely self-funding, meaning that the energy and operational savings would have to cover the payment of a loan, plus any additional funds that could be added in, such as the Department of Commerce’s Energy Grant, and the utility rebate incentives.


During the site surveys and interviews Apollo was able to uncover many energy saving opportunities. Apollo was able to find many projects that the City could undertake that would meet their cost-effective criteria while replacing the aging infra-structure at the same time. The lighting systems at City Hall, Police Department, and the City Shops presented a great candidate for saving energy as did the Cobra Head Street Lights and retrofitting Well Pump #5.

Apollo and the City of Prosser were able to bundle these great energy saving projects together to create a self-funding Energy Services Performance Contracting Project. Apollo also applied for, and secured on the City’s behalf, an energy grant through the Department of Commerce. Apollo also worked with the Benton County PUD on the City’s behalf for the utility rebate incentives. 

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Project Value = $920,648
  • Secured a Department of Commerce Energy Grant = $230,162
  • Applied for Utility Rebate Incentives worth = $60,222 (Benton PUD)
  • Lighting System Retrofits at City Hall, Police Department, and the City Shops.
  • Cobra Head Street Lighting LED Retrofit.
  • Rebuilt Well Pump #5 and installed a VFD and Telemetry
  • Energy Cost Savings per year = $46,421
  • Annual Operational Savings = $9,066
  • Guaranteed Annual Electrical Savings of 578,720 kWh/Year

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