City of Kettle Falls Solar

Location: Kettle Falls, WA

The City of Kettle Falls was established in the year 1892, and has been innovative in the cultivation of natural resources ever since.  From Native Americans salmon fishing in the falls, to prospectors and settlers working in sawmills and ranches, the people of Kettle Falls have always been looking at changes to industry and sustainability.  When Apollo Solutions Group first approached the City about the Department of Commerce’s Solar Grant Program, the City saw an opportunity to acquire a self-sustaining asset.

After performing a Preliminary Energy Analysis it was discovered that the City would be eligible for a Solar Grant. This made the project all the more attractive to the City as they made it known early on in the process that the project would have to be completely self-funding, meaning that the energy produced by the solar array would have to cover the payment of any loan the City would have to take on top of the Department of Commerce’s Solar Grant, and the utility rebate incentives.

Apollo was successful in applying for, and securing a solar grant on behalf of the City of Kettle Falls. The City has entered into a net metering agreement with Avista Utilities. The 100 kW Fixed Solar Array will generate $12,366 in energy cost savings and an annual guaranteed electrical generation of 119,102 kWh per year. 

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Project Value = $634,294
  • Secured a Department of Commerce Solar Grant = $422,863
  • Applied for Utility Rebate Incentives worth = $15,000 (Avista Utilities)
  • Fixed 100 kW Photo-Voltaic Solar Array
  • Energy Cost Produced per year = $12,366
  • Guaranteed Annual Electrical Production of 119,102 kWh/Year

""The staff at Apollo were very knowledgeable about how to do the grant and what steps needed to be taken to get the grants. They took the time to explain the process and how it works, how other projects turned out, and the savings that can be obtained by doing this. I would recommend this company for putting a solar grant together.""

- Dave Willey, Superintendent of Public Works

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