City of Kettle Falls Energy

Location: Kettle Falls, WA

The City of Kettle Falls is a small town located 40 miles south of the Canadian border, surrounded by high mountains, thick forests and is a bustling town of fun and recreation.  When Apollo Solutions Group first approached the City about Washington State’s Energy Program, as well as the Department of Commerce’s Energy Grants available to them, the City became very interested in exploring the possibility of upgrading their infrastructure while reducing their operating budget.


After performing a Preliminary Energy Analysis it became apparent that the City would be able to address lighting needs in their City Hall, Library, Police and Fire Department, Chamber of Commerce, and Waste Water Treatment Plant.  We were also able to replace the HVAC systems serving their City Hall, as well as the single pane windows.  The most impactful project however, is the installation of Controls and Variable Frequency Drives on Well Pumps #4 and #6.  Prior to their installation the well pumps operated continuously during their time in the lead/lag rotation and did not stop based on reservoir levels, so the electricity and water consumption were a significant expense to the City.  Now that they are in place, the city is not only saving money on electricity costs and water consumption – but they are prolonging the life of the well pump’s motors as well.  


Apollo was successful in applying for, and securing an energy grant on behalf of the City of Kettle Falls to the tune of $139,276, and are realizing over $35,000 in utility and operation & maintenance savings. 

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Project Value - $557,105
  • Secured a Department of Commerce Energy Grant - $139,276
  • Applied for Utility Rebate Incentives - $69,849 (Avista Utilities)
  • Energy Cost Savings per year - $26,546
  • Operational Cost Savings per year - $10,203
  • Guaranteed Annual Electrical Savings per year - 247,656 kWh
  • Guaranteed Annual Natural Gas Savings per year - 175 Therms

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