City of Colville Phase I


The City of Colville is a small town located an hour and a half north of Spokane, WA. The main industry in this northeast part of Washington State is logging/lumber. When Apollo Solutions Group first approached the City about Washington State’s Energy Program, as well as the Energy and Solar Grants available to them, the City became very interested in exploring the solar project further.

After performing a Preliminary Energy Analysis it became very clear that the City of Colville had a wonderful opportunity to secure a solar grant. The solar array system that was proposed was comprised of a single axis tracking Photo-Voltaic Solar Array. This kind of system, actually tracks the sun in order to maximize the energy production. In investigating other like type solar system in Washington State, the system that Apollo proposed to the City of Colville, will be the largest of its kind in Washington State.

Apollo was successful in applying for, and securing a solar grant on behalf of the City of Colville. The City has entered into a net metering agreement with Avista Utilities. The 100 kW Single Axis Tracking Solar Array will cover a significant portion of the energy consumed by the Well Pumps serving the City of Colville.  



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Relevant Project Details:
  • Project Value = $686,743
  • Secured a Department of Commerce Energy Grant = $436,743
  • Applied for Utility Rebate Incentives worth = $20,000 (Avista Utilities)
  • Tracking Single Axis 100 kW Photo-Voltaic Solar Array
  • Energy Cost Produced per year = $13,374
  • Guaranteed Annual Electrical Production of 144,435 kWh/Year

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