City of Battle Ground, WA

Location: Battle Ground, WA

The city of Battle Ground engaged Apollo Solutions Group in their quest for a more efficient and accurate water meters in their city. With 5,700 meters in both residential and commercial applications, the units were aging and past their useful life.

Apollo created a custom plan for the city that would provide a new system that provided updated and more streamlined meter reading, reducing labor costs and improving accuracy. Meters that were previously as low as 80% accurate now are guaranteed at 98%; adding $208,000 in revenue recovery to the city along with the reduced labor costs.

 Replacing the water meters also resulted in Battle Ground’s compliance in the Federal Clean Water Act of 2014

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Relevant Project Details:
  • $2,771,928 project value
  • Standarization and reliability of systems
  • $208,690 revenue enhancement
  • Improved meter accuracy guaranteed no less than 98.5%
  • Implementation of Automated Meter Reading Technology (AMR)
  • Federal Clean Water Act of 2014 compliant

"I was so impressed with the way that Apollo Solutions Group collaborated with us, the Washington Department of Enterprise Services, and our financial partners.
Apollo is an outstanding company to work with and I would work with them again and again on other projects."

- Maggie Smith, Finance and Information Services Director; City of Battle Ground, WA

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