Bonner General Hospital Phase I

Location: Sandpoint, ID

Bonner General Hospital is in Sandpoint, ID. Apollo Solutions Group first contacted the hospital in the fall of 2016 to look at various energy projects. Apollo worked with the hospital staff to develop a list of needed infra-structure and code upgrade projects that also saved energy while drastically improving patient and staff comfort. Knowing that the hospital had limited funds Apollo and the hospital came up with a phased approach to implement these projects as the hospital could afford them. Sometimes the best laid plans can go by the wayside, as in what happened to the ICU AHU. During the heating season, the ICU had a catastrophic failure with the unit’s steam heating coil. On top of that, the AHU was delivering 100% outdoor air to the ICU. One of the AHUs that was adjacent the failed ICU AHU but was just as old was the RTAC-1 AHU. Apollo and the hospital saw this as an opportunity to start the process of replacing aging infrastructure and replacing both AHUs with a single custom AHU with fan wall technology on the supply and return fans and connected to the central chilled water and hot water plants. This AHU provided a level of redundancy that the hospital did not have previously.

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Relevant Project Details:
  • Total Project Cost is $953,186.
  • A 4.9% reduction of the hospital’s annual energy cost.
  • Utilization of the estimated $54,863 in utility incentives from Avista Utilities.
  • Replacing (2) AHUs with a custom built Temtrol AHU with fan wall technology.
  • Redundancy and improved reliability of critical ventilation systems that serve the ICU and Pharmacy.
  • Energy Cost Savings of $17,679 and Operational Cost Savings of $22,994 annually. Total annual savings of $40,672.
  • Annual guaranteed electrical energy savings of 131,971 kWh and 7,661 Therms of Natural Gas per year.

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