Oregon Schools Photo Contest

WHAT: Photos of “Great” or “Not So Great” Learning Spaces
WHEN: Now through May 8, 2015, 5:00 pm PST
WHERE: CISF Facebook Gallery  (http://www.facebook.com/cisforegon)or Twitter via hashtag (listed below)
WHO: Students, teachers, principals, parents, anyone associated with a school

WHY: Our goal is to raise awareness of the need to fund school buildings that support learning and provide safe, healthy environments for students, teachers and related community activities. WINNERS: Announced May 18th; Exhibit Oregon State Capitol, June 8–12, 2015. Certificate and $50 prize presented during Exhibit Week; two winners from each of the five regions with a total of 10 winners

HOW: Submit under category hashtag via your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account with a one sentence description. Entrants will be collected in the CISF Facebook Photo Gallery and linked to the CISF website

Use photos to share your school community’s story and join the larger conversation on the conditions of school facilities by
submitting: Category 1: #SchoolsWeDeserve Share photos of spaces that make learning easy (i.e. good lighting, air flow, easy to
hear, comfortable, appropriate technology, etc.). + Add a one sentence comment of why it’s a great space and which region.
Category 2: #WeDeserveBetter Share photos of a space where learning is hard (i.e. noisy, hot/cold, dark, no plug-ins,
leaky, etc.). + Add a one sentence comment about why it’s a poor learning space and which region.

Please no identifiable students in submitted photos as they will be removed from the Facebook Page and disqualified
from the Contest. Photos including adults (over 18) require a permission form (example on website) and emailed to waiyan@cisforegon.org. We ask that participants adhere to Facebook guidelines to ensure that this Gallery is a meaningful community for everyone.We reserve the right to remove any picture or comment from project websites.

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