Water Meter Replacement Project for City of Battle Ground Led by Apollo Solutions Group

June 15, 2015

The City of Battle Ground will be starting a new City wide Water Meter Replacement project this summer.  During this project all water meters within the city will be replaced with new water meters including Automatic Reader Meter reader technology.  This project will standardize and improve the reliability of the water meter system while complying with the Safe Drinking Water Act of 2014. 

Battle Ground’s water system serves (5,269) residential customers and (448) commercial customers and are read manually by a meter reader contracted with the City. 

Apollo Solutions Group, an energy services company, will be leading the water meter replacement project for Battle Ground.  There will be six separate crews working together to install the new meters and the Automatic Reader Meter reader technology.  New water meter installation will begin in July and end in December.  Customers should not expect an increase in their water bill.   

Residents and businesses in Battle Ground will be notified in advance and be given approximate dates as to when the new water meter installation will occur.  Individuals need not be present during installation.

On the day of installation, residents/ businesses can expect:

Water to the house or business will be shut off for up to one hour.
Staff will knock on your door to let you know when work has begun, and when it is complete.
The existing meter will be removed and a new meter will be installed. 
Waterlines will be flushed after the new meter is installed if a faucet is accessible. 

It is recommended that all customers also flush their systems for a few minutes after the new meter has been installed to flush away any air or pipe debris.  This can be accomplished by running the faucet or flushing a toilet several times.

Many factors impact how much water residents and businesses use, including the number of people living in your home or present at the business, personal water-use habits, and the efficiency of your fixtures, such as toilets, showers and clothes washers. Outdoor water use also contributes to your bill. You may reduce your water consumption and your water bill by replacing high-water-use fixtures with more efficient ones or altering your water-use habits.

Apollo Solutions Group develops and executes projects that optimize the energy performance of buildings while reducing lifecycle costs, minimizing environmental impacts, and improving facility conditions to benefit both occupants and the community at large.



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